Here comes the witch


‘Knock, knock, knock’. My knees shook and my heart was pounding when I opened the door. How could this be? She is dead, she is gone. There is no part of her physical being left. She cannot be the undead because there is nothing of her left when we washed her ashes along with some ritualistic mumbo jumbo at the Gengi River.

I know it is the 31st of October, the day we celebrate the dead but this just cannot be. I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming. The pain assured me I wasn’t. So now came the big test, I had to pinch the person standing at my doorsteps to make sure she wasn’t a fragment of my imagination.

“Ouch!” she screamed. “What the hell is wrong with you!?” she glared.

In 28 days and 12 hours she had transformed herself like a witch. Dressed in clothes that were given to her just weeks ago, she had completely made herself to look exactly like her sister who had just died 30 days ago.

She stood there, with a bag of clothes in one hand and some food in the other. She welcomed herself into the house and went about placing her belongings like this was her place. She was no longer the sad aunt who bawled her eyes out at her sister’s funeral, this was a woman with a purpose.

A purpose of possessing what had been left behind by her sister. It didn’t matter if she was about to break so many rules, she had her mind set on winning at any cost.

No one could say what magic she had worked but the house in which she was a mere guest had suddenly become her slave. Enslaving everyone and everything in it. Like poison ivy, she was slowly killing the life of the house.

We knew it was wrong. We would congregate and speak vehemently about it but no one was able to voice it out. We were grieving over the loss of a dear mother, sister and wife. It was a delicate situation that needed time and proper planning before execution but all that seems futile now.

Now that she has completely transformed herself, there is nothing we can do about it but wait for a greater power to release everyone and everything in that house from her spell. Until then we shall watch the drama unfold itself, layer by layer as she sheds her skin revealing a little of her true self every time someone dare cross her.

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9 thoughts on “Here comes the witch

  1. Some great details and images here : “the house in which she was a mere guest had suddenly become her slave..” and this , “Like poison ivy, she was slowly killing the life of the house.” Well told.


    1. Agreed. It’s just wrong because it’s not being honest to yourself and sooner or later when the identify becomes bigger than you, everything would crumble.


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