Anyone can cook


I saw this on my Face Book feed. It was shared on one of my many food related FB pages with a question, “Do you agree?” Amazingly, this picture had a long thread of comments and almost 90% agreed with it. I wasn’t trying to stir things up when I commented “I disagree” but somehow I managed to. I guess that’s what you get when you go against the majority. Many cited the importance of a hands on learning experience to be the best sort of learning which I agree. But that isn’t what the picture above is saying.

I disagreed because despite my mother’s numerous attempts in equipping me with some cooking skills, I never learned much. It only made me want to run away each time she called me to learn the dish of the day because it always ended with a lot of bickering and her nagging. We called it a truce when she realised I wasn’t willing to be trained to become her sous chef. So she demoted me and I was made the food preparation worker. I was given routine and repetitive tasks under her direction. I was slicing and dicing vegetables, cleaning and cutting meats and seafood, and I was also cleaning the work areas equipment, utensils, dishes and silverware! I got the raw end of the deal.

I never saw the need or had the desire to learn cooking but all that changed after I became a mother. Nevertheless, I always had a keen interest in watching cook shows. My mom used to ridicule me watching these cook shows because it didn’t seem like I would ever cook but on a fine sunny day when I finally decided to cook, I could.

It wasn’t the best meal and it didn’t turn out as I expected but I had the basic skills and these skills I acquired from watching all my favourite cook shows, The Naked Chef was my most favourite then.

As I ventured deeper into this uncharted territory I did not feel handicapped because I did not learn from my mother. In today’s age, learning how to cook or any other skill is just at a click of a button. There are so many willing people who painstakingly prepare easy to follow, step by step videos and pictorial tutorial on how to prepare a meal.  It’s brilliant because now Anyone Can Cook.

When cooking skills used to be passed down from generations to generations, only the women folk learned. It was considered unmacho for a man to learn how to cook. These days, you would find both women and men sweating it out in the kitchen preparing meals for their families. So yes, I still disagree with the statement in the picture.

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3 thoughts on “Anyone can cook

  1. I have to agree with the majority. You may not have learned anything specifically from your mother, but you saw her cook, and you spent time in the kitchen. Many families are on the third generation of two parents working, and many are barely making ends meet. They struggle because fresh food is more expensive than lousy fast food, and they have no time, and no experience using fresh veggies.

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    1. Good point. True, I did pick up something watching her but all hope is not lost and it’s wrong to say that’s the reason for many to lack basic cooking skills because priority changed with time. Perhaps many opted out of passing these skills due to time constraints as you said. But picking up a basic skill especially in this age is quite simple and doesn’t require a lot of money. We start simple with things we can find and afford.

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  2. I am a fan of “both/and” thinking so I agree 🙂
    .. it’s too reductionist to say that cooking or any skill for that matter is either simply inherited from family or has to be learnt on our own. We can enjoy the best of what both those worlds offer. If lacking in resources on either one we can even be innovative and create our own recepie through trial and error. There is never just one or two solutions in life :).. granted some may be more difficult than others… but we can make the most of it.


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