A decade in print

Ever since the digital camera hit the market, almost anyone can play the role of a photographer. All you need to do is click away and I bet you, out of those hundreds clicks you are bound to find a perfect picture. Then came the handphone with a camera function and that’s when every moment good or bad got captured. I am no exception to that.

Having a camera function in your handphone is no biggie. In fact if you are caught using a phone without a camera function, you’d be considered from the dinosaur age, outdated and old.

It’s a handy gadget because it allows for many unexpected and precious moments to be saved forever or up until you lose your phone or accidentally wreck  it by dropping it too many times or spilling hot coffee on it. Kudos to those who diligently save their pictures or have a back up for each picture snapped, I wasn’t one of them but I am now. Learned from my past mistakes.

My youngest who just turned three keeps pointing at the pictures on my wall and keeps annoying her elder sisters by saying that it is her in all those pictures. When the sisters disagree with her she throws a tantrum. I don’t blame her because we stopped putting family photographs ever since the digital camera and handphone came into our possession.

We took tons of pictures but never once produced any of them. What you’d see on my walls are pictures that were taken using the old film camera. The only way to see what I captured with my old camera was by sending the film to a film developer and he then turned the negative into a positive and I got to see the pictures come to life.

A decade had passed and the pictures captured by my digital gadget stayed digital. They were all over the place. I had been meaning to print them so I could put a stop to my toddler’s tantrum and be freed from feeling guilty for not creating a baby book for her like I did with my firstborn. But firstborns are special, aren’t they?

It took me close to two months (with my busy schedule) to come up with 8″ X 11″ 40 pages hardcover photobook. I had to capture a decade in 40 pages and it was a challenge. But I did it and tada…..


Most of my older pictures were automatically resized when I saved them online and these were no good for my photobook project because it requires a certain size for the prints to turn out nice. But if you select a smaller box to display these pictures, you can still add them into your photobook.


I have made a promise to myself. No more waiting a decade for my next photobook project. I will be capturing it yearly and if I play it smart, I can purchase a photobook package during their sales. It’s usually is valid for six months. So no more tiny pictures in my photobook. With recently captured pictures I can be sure of its size and have whole book with lovely prints for my next book.


How do you do it?

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11 thoughts on “A decade in print

    1. Thanks. They’re not jealous because I made sure I captured every moment from their birth to now. All of them their pictures in the book. They’re all thrilled as I managed to file these pictures according to age. It’s truly lovely to be able to compare how they looked when they were younger.


  1. I do exactly that! It takes forever but I create a photo book at the end of every year (and very special holidays) and wait for a deal to come up to get it printed. I love them and will treasure them forever 😊 Nice job!

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  2. that’s awesome, keep it up! i agree with you.. having so many photos can be overwhelming and then having to print them or put them into a book is so laborious… i usually make photobooks for my family every christmas and it’s such a tedious, painful process, but in the end they love it so that’s all that matters.

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  3. I admire all of this. It’s important to gather memories so children will have them for later. I am terrible about taking pictures and I have the memory of Dory from Finding Nemo. Thankfully I journal often so it is not all lost.


    1. Me too. It was tough guessing their age because unlike film photographs there were no dates on the print. A decade is s long time ago for my memory bank.


    1. I know how you feel. I had to do it because I purchased it before even going through my pictures. As I got closer to the expiry date, I was forced to complete this challenge.


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