Playing on bigger turf

It was a beautiful day and would have been perfect if the organisers had U2′ s Song ‘Beautiful Day’ blasting on their PA system. Clear blue skies with the right amount of puffy cotton balls floating in the sky promised a rain and haze free day for a football carnival.

IMG_20151114_101200Supergirls were invited to join PPD’s Petaling District, nine aside under 10 football tournament. Once more, they were the only girls on the pitch. They had to battle it against all boys, public school teams.

skTheir first match was against SK Sunway Petaling. It was a goalfest match in favour of the boys. They scored their opening goal just minutes into the game. The Sunway boys got the boost they needed after their first goal and there was no stopping them, ending the first half with 0-3 (Sunway leading). Despite being behind by 3 goals, Supergirls never showed defeat. They got off to a good start during second half with good ball control and strong defence. Thurga, who took a bad fall for the team, brilliantly dribbled the ball from mid field all the way to the post before being tripped over by Sunway’s defence. That was the closest we got to scoring a goal. We lost our first match, 0-5.

sk3This was their first 9-aside game on a half sized football field. They ran out of energy quicker and were a little lost because this wasn’t the size of football field they were used to playing during their practise.

sk4As usual, their first match was their warm up because they proved their worth when they returned for their second match and held a good game with a draw, the first half. It was against SK Taman Megah and Supergirls had ball possession from the start of the match. They were braver and succeeded  at keeping the ball past mid field however their many attempts to score were dashed by Taman Megah’s strong defence. Second half the Supergirls were in for a rough match and sustained many injuries. Two yellow cards were flagged to the boys team and the match ended with a 0-2 win for the boys.

With representative from UEFA Women’s Development and former Switzerland Women’s Head Coach, Beatrice Von Siebenthal.

It was a draw for their third match against SRJKC Lick Hung . Once more Supergirls were in control of the ball but never made it past their keeper. A yellow card was raised to the boy’s team and Supergirls got a penalty kick which was taken by Rania (captain) but it was just inches too high and passed the goal post. Second half, the match started with Illyssa (3) tripping a boy and she received her first yellow card.

With Supergirls’s coach and new 2016 poster

The final match of the tournament was against SK Seri Selangor. Both teams had equal control of ball but the opening goal was scored by Seri Selangor followed by another just minutes apart. The first half score stood at 0-2. Second half saw another goal in favour of the boys but the girls persevered and gave them a tough match. As Supergirls got used to playing on a bigger field their stamina and confidence grew. They were covering every inch of the field despite sustaining many injuries. They kept playing with an admirable strength under the unforgiving noon sun until the last whistle was blown, signalling the end of game.

Supergirls only received a point this tournament but they gained the strength and confidence to play on a bigger field than they are used too.

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