At some point in your parenting journey, I am pretty sure you must have met the ‘go-getters’ parent. I did. I met them very much early in my parenting journey, which I am thankful for.
For I learned many things I am not supposed to do and am indebted to them for the learning opportunity.

Thanks to them I learned that money cannot buy everything. Though I would not mind having the ability to splurge on myself and my kids but it never guaranteed long term satisfaction. I learned, that year after year, they had to pump more money to keep up with their children’s demand for entertainment and education.

It was hard keeping up with the Joneses. I lacked in many areas in comparison. Unable to meet the Joneses routines slowly eroded my relationship with them. But I am glad for that because temptations were removed.

Together my kids and I learned the value of money and would usually think twice before purchasing something. A discussed was possible with them when a certain request didin’t fall through. They didn’t storm away in anger. They allowed me to explain myself.

They are sensitive towards their surrounding and are aware of the less fortunate. Not getting recognition for work done by them, does not bother them for too long.
They don’t dwell for longer than a minute when someone says they don’t like them because they are surrounded by love 24/7.

My home has not many gadgets or latest bicycles but abundance of love and laughter and parents that make sure, dinner is a family affair. Let’s hope this would be enough to make up for what I lack, in years to come.

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