Love conquers all

In Malay language the youngest child is usually called anak manja although the correct term is anak bongsu. Translation of anak manja to English would be the favourite child.

Anak manja are believed to be spoilt rotten, lazy, dependent and unreliable to complete any tasks given because being the youngest in the family, they had everything handed to them. I’m speaking of families with four or more children.

I am an anak manja. I am the youngest and I have five siblings. I used to despise it when someone called me anak manja but I so fit the description.

My mom still cooks for me and my children. She keeps buying fresh vegetables and poultry for me. I can be a little unreliable for I have not picked up her vitamins which she had ordered a couple of months back. I am extremely lazy, I shan’t deny that. But today when she hurt herself and was terrified of the pain, she called me.

Guess love does conquer it all. It’s true she had spoilt me rotten with her love but she had so much confidence in that love of her. She knew I would answer her call. She was sure I would have jumped out of my lazy pants and go to her in time of need.

I suppose that is the silver lining in being anak manja. So go ahead and love your anak manja rotten. Heck, love all your kids rotten. Spoil them with love and shower them with hugs, kisses and cuddles. Make them all anak manja.


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2 thoughts on “Love conquers all

  1. My younger sister was the anak manja, though she wasn’t the youngest. We always knew she was the favorite, and shortly before my mother died she gave me a sheet on which were printed all her passwords for all her online accounts, and each one was either my sister’s or my mom’s cat’s name…

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