A new year, a new platform

Change is tough but change I must.
I love my old blogging platform but the time has come for some changes, mainly because my blog name A Cuppa for my thoughts has proven to be a bit of a tongue twister to many. My blog address http://beeraycoffeethoughts.blogspot.com suffers the same problems and is just too long.
So the best solution to this problem and to help you remember me easier, I have decided to rename and move to a new writing platform. I have re-branded myself and am now known as.. 
The reason I think this new name rocks is because;
  • I am Beeray or at least that’s what most of my near and dear friends call me. My given name is too long and too common so that wasn’t going to be a good substitute for my new blog. Even Beeray was taken. So with some help, I decided to stick to BeeRaise because if you say it fast enhough is sounds like Beeray’s
  • Basically BeeRaise represent Beeray(that’s me) and my thoughts……in short its Beeray’s crazy verbal diarrhea.
Sorry, I know I have used the word diarrhea twice. I sound a little cray, cray but I am not crazy. I just write crazy stuff. Stuff that comes to me in the most unexpected and inconvenient time possible.
So if you ever see me writing notes on my tissue, grocery shopping receipts or on other pieces of paper, that’s me thinking that I have gotten the next brilliant post idea that will be a sure entry for Huffington Post.
To cut to the chase, please follow me and stay tuned and please carry on reading and commenting and sharing and yada yada yada with my new website. It’s got cool new’er stuff and I promise you shan’t be disappointed.
Thank you for stopping by at BeeRaise
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