Who did you help today?

It’s refreshing to see more people are beginning to view education as a long term journey and not simply a race.

Aamir Khan, a famous Bollywood actor recently shared his views on education. He acknowledged that he wasn’t the best person to be giving a speech in a hall full of educators based on his credentials and background but his speech was brilliant.

He spoke about how the current education system which puts so much emphasis on being the best and the ranking system was teaching children from a very young age to be selfish.

In ranking system there can only be one student who gets to be number one in his class. So he would do everything for himself to ensure he stays number one. Because that’s what most parents ask of their child after an examination; “what number (ranking) did you get in your class?” If the response is number one then everyone is happy and children love to see their parents happy.

Another interesting fact he pointed out was the daily conversation of a child and parent. Most parents would usually ask how the child’s day was at school, ask about homework and what their child learned in school.

He suggested that we should start asking children who did they help today smiled with him today? Who did he share his food with today? And the most important question of all, is he happy.

So if every parent can start asking these questions, over time children would realise these acts of kindess are what makes their parents happy and would work hard to achieve it. After all children, especially the young ones love to see their parents laughing and happy.

They tend to repeat the act that made their parents most happy. If getting good grades or being top in their did the trick, they would try but usually end up getting stressed or worse, they’d become selfish and not guide their classmates.

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8 thoughts on “Who did you help today?

  1. I like the idea of this; what it stresses as important. My kids are grown so I can safely say that the measure of them as productive, contributing, kind and compassionate adults had nothing to do with the grades they got in high school. Generosity and selflessness is definitely something that if practiced enough, becomes a habit.

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