Just be you, it’s brave

There are many inspiring stories of people standing up for themselves and accepting themselves the way they are even if they do not look or behave like the general public.

I’m pretty sure you must have seen the video of a lady who blindfolded herself and stood in a busy street in her inner clothes while holding a sign that spoke about her struggles with losing weight. She was brave. Brave to bear all her imperfections for people to judge her. It was a heartwarming clip.

There are many such inspiring stories out there that tells me, “so what if we are different?” As long as we are confident nothing can dim that sparkle in us and that’s what makes me I and you, you.

Why blend in when you were born to stand out?FB_IMG_1448504438003

There is a person who has inspired many I believe. I’ve known her since I was 12 but I can’t say she knew me then. I used to admire her and her distinct style.

Her beauty was internal and despite being different* she managed to capture many with her uniqueness. She was a caterpillar, waiting for the right time to turn into a magnificent and colourful butterfly. She grew more beautiful with every grey hair and wrinkle. “I feel younger now than I did years ago”, she commented on one of her pictures posted on Facebook.

If you’re not afraid of aging and embrace it, you would become more graceful and dignified.

What makes her special? I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Meet my friend Susheel (yes, we are friends now) and some of her friends who were so kind so share their pictures.10626570_815385491816616_7794549613048641266_n

12247910_10153449287598052_1347068637064628373_o_ZTB668112304124_10153442271988052_8837609451054412827_ophoto 210168180_1433067913611977_8400804967966938894_n

*Sikhs (both men and women) are encouraged not to cut or shave hair from any part of their body. Hair helps to stay grounded, be connected and aware of your surrounding. To stay in the most natural state possible.

The best way to describe the importance of hair to my children, I tell them it’s something like the Avatars (from Avatar film) who used their long ponytails like hair to connect with their surrounding.

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