Raising quitters, I am not.

Jack of all trade, master of none

In early recording this phrase had a positive vibe to it and did not contain the second part; master of none. However over the course of time when this phrase is hurled at someone, it is usually with ill intentions.

Is it so wrong to be generalist? I would rather know a little of everything than being master of only one. Of course that would make me a specialist in that particular trade or field (like Seldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory) but I would be so handicapped in many other things (again sighting Sheldon Cooper as my example).

My children (mind you, they are not even teenagers) were given a long and laborious lecture on being quitters at their first day of piano lesson. The teacher took it upon herself to enlighten them of how their life would pan out based on the decisions made by them today.

My husband and I on the other hand want them to experience as many things as we can afford (nothing is free these days). The teacher was not wrong at stating what she did based on my children’s track record; They quit their swimming lesson, classical dance and ballet. (I stopped them from ballet because I fell pregnant and the timing wasn’t convenient for me). It was either that or a debate each time I had to drive them to their lesson.

Quitting was never an option but they were allowed to present reasons for not continuing what they started. I almost believed I was raising quitters when they told me that they’re not happy with their piona lessons as well.

To ease my doubt I could have forced them to suck it and carry on with their piona lessons but after a year of private lessons, there are no where. I am partly to be blamed because I was unable to buy them a piona to practice. Unlike a guitar or violin, piona’s cost a bomb.

But when I see their passion and interest in football, I feel relieved. That’s one lesson or activity I don’t need to nag when asking them to get ready. And it is the.most economical.

Now, I could carry on forcing them to attend piona lessons and hope they will be able to learn without practice because buying a piona has not been budgeted for. Or be smart and save my worthless cash outflow on this lesson, and believe that it doesn’t make them quitters.

I will just need to keep fuelling their passion for football because it may take just one activity, to teach them about not quitting. And keep sharing with them how their football team is making waves in major daily newspaper. Hopefully this would make them proud and stick around for as long as they can.


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