You want to know what love is?

Time and time again I have been schooled by my own children. Their innocence and reactions to my adult-like actions have made me wonder and most times regret my behaviour.
Once more, they have become my gurus and showed me there are no boundaries or rules for love. You cannot boss love around. You cannot put it on hold or divert it. You cannot take a break from love.

Love is omnipresent even when you are angry.

My little one cries when I am upset or angry. She doesn’t cry because she fears me when I am angry, she cries because she feels I am locking love out of my heart for her. She would say “my heart hurts” and “please be happy again”.

Today I asked my kids to leave me alone because I had a spilting headache. They kept asking me what I needed or how they could help make the headache go away. They even offered to clean up the hall but I kept repeating, ” I just want to be alone”.

It’s not a bad thing to want to be alone, I know. We all need to be alone, sometimes. And they did. They even took care of their little sister.

When I was in the loo, my daughter sneaked into my room and left me with a note and tall glass of chilled water with a bendy straw. After a couple of minutes the toddler walks in with some of her favourite stuffed toys and chocolate.


How could I chase them away? Why do I make it so hard for them to love me? All they wanted to do was care for me and I kept pushing them away. It’s time I learned to chill a little. They’re not going to stay kids forever.

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