Crappy parenting chronicles, episode 329

“Nooooo….” I exhaled. I effing forgot my daughter’s birthday, not once but twice! There are so many causes for this forgetfulness but none will matter to an 11 years old. All that she’s going to remember is that her mom forgot her birthday.

Something had to be done. I could not undo the fact that I sent her off to school without wishing her and that I only realised it was her birthday when her godmother called to ask the best time to ring me back so she could wish my daughter. “Such a bad mother”, she must have said after hanging up the phone.


Luckily it was still early in the day so I had all the time I needed and planned to surprise her after school. Bought a slice of her favourite cake and a fancy travel mirror. I even managed to convince my toddler not to let the cat out of the bag when we see her at the school gate. It was the longest five minutes silent walk for my toddler. I could see it on her face, how eager she was to say it out loud, “mummy bought you a cake and candles!”

Told my tween to get herself a drink from the gas station while I put her bag in the trunk and that was just the distraction I needed to take the cake out of the box and lite a candle. FYI, do not ever lite a candle anywhere close to a gas station, it’s not safe. It supposed to be our little secret but my girls shared it with my husband and got an earful from him. *facepalm*


As she opened the car door, “surprise!!!” my toddler and I cheered (screamed more like it). It was perfect. I could see it on her face. For once she was speechless and smiling from ear to ear. Even her shy dimple; which only appears when she is overly joyed or terribly embarrassed, showed on her cheeks. It was the best opportunity for me to apologise for forgetting about her birthday in the morning.

But before I could say anything, “I forgot too mom”, interrupted my other child. “But it’s alright if I forgot, I’m her sister. How can you forget? You gave birth to her!” said this sassy mouthed middle child of mine.


Alas, I was glad I managed to redeem myself for the blunder and promised not to forget it, again. “It’s alright ma”, she said. “It’s much better than last year. Not only did you forget, you were such a nag so early in the morning over a trivial matter and it made my whole day crappy” she continued.

Ouch! I didn’t see that coming but I have no excuse for forgetting. Thankfully this year I wasn’t a nag like the previous year.

There’s a silver lining to this; I am on the right path towards becoming a better parent. I strongly believe that till I screw up again.

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