Winners or not, you played the game.

| Football | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 2 April 2016 | Jasbir |

Premier Skills in association with British Council l, the organizer for today’s football tournament has been in action for close to six years. They have trained a total of 3,000 chilrden to date. Their aim, to give football and English opportunity to children from all walks of life.

At a soaring heat of 33’C by 10 am, the sports arena at Cyberjaya (TSI Mini Stadium) was packed with players, parents, volunteers and coaches from all over Kuala Lumpur. Some eager beavers were already here as early as 7 am. When the tournament started at 8 am, the morning was beautiful and the heat was bearable. It definitely was going to be a clear day with a chance of thick clouds to block out the sun rays but as the day progressed, clouds were no where in sight and the rest is history. We braced ourselves to face harsh heat. It was a good thing the St. John Ambulance volunteer were ready to assist.

The under 10 didn’t have a good start and lost their first game to five nil but made a good comeback just minutes after at their second game, securing three goals and leaving the opponent at zero. With only eight players; at a seven aside game, these girls had to hold it together because being injured or puffed out, was not an option.

The under 8 had better luck and won both their games with five nil and 3 nil. Their third game proved to be a much tougher match but Sandra did not let her team falter. Although they lost three nil, she held her post as the goalie and saved numerous attempts ensuring the opposing team did not get to score more than three goals.

By 11 am, yours truly hid away, seeking solace under the sports arena covered bench area (thank God!). But the breeze-less mid-morning heat proved to be a challenge. I was drenched in my own sweat despite having respite from the sun but the courageous players, on the pitch, under the unforgiving sun, played on. They were drenched too and their skin looked like ripened tomatoes.

The final results, Supergirls under 10 managed to secure third place whilst the under 8 came in second.

We need to applaud the organizers, coaches, parents, volunteers and mostly the players for enduring the heat and playing on without a single complain.

Their reward wasn’t so much the medal but the camaraderie and of course a chance to pour buckets of cold icy water on themselves. They didn’t seemed to mind having this cold water poured on them. Some even welcomed it! Looks like the ice bucket challenge is not a challenge to them. As for the parents, I hope they brought extra change because that’s going to leave some stain on their car upholstery.

Everything went well and without a single mishap or injury. Hoping for more such beautiful moments because these are the memories they will cherish forever and without a doubt, it will help shape these children to be better as they grow.


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