Mother’s Day challenge


That’s my first born. The one I fussed over every darn detail. The one that got everything brand new. The one that thought me I could love someone more than myself. The one who showed me what it meant to be a parent. The one who made me realise just how important my own mother is and how grateful I am to her for everything that she has done and still doing for me.

I cannot believe in just a couple of years, my first born will turn into a full fledge teenager. I am a little terrified because it’s not going to be anything like the terrible two, it’s a whole new different ballgame. But everything she is, I am proud.

I could not believe how poised and calm she was sitting in front of a camera. She was up for a challenge, to do something special for Mother’s Day. What she said, is a mystery to all of us because I was locked in my study while she was preparing this video. Both she and her younger sister.

Of course I tried to dig out some detail but no matter what I said or offered (some heavy bribery) they were tight lipped about it.

Looks like I would have to wait and find out when they release the video soon.

For better or worse, I am glad we did this video. It was an interesting experience for all of us. Something new to add on their list of experience. I personally found this interview much harder than our previous national TV talk show.

Talking to a camera, that has no eyes or to a thing that isn’t responsive is so much harder to do than (an interview) talking to a person. I kept wondering, whether what I said made any sense or was it just a load of crap. See, the camera never gave a clue as to how I was doing!

But I must commend at how relaxed my tweens were and how quickly they warmed up to the crew. “It was a piece of cake” they said after they were done with their part. 

Can’t wait to see how it all went down but I’m anxious and nervous.

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