True Sportsmanship

| Football | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 14 May 2016 | Jasbir |

Under 8 & 11 team with their new coaches

Despite being short by one player each for both teams (Under 8 & Under 11), SuperGirls persevered and went ahead with Mont Kiara International School (MKIS) tournament and thankfully the committee allowed these girls to participate.

Supergirls U8 team truly made an impression at this tournament. Without their competent keeper, two new players and being short-handed by one player, they still managed to win one, draw one and lose one game to MKIS U8 team. Who by the way had the advantage of an extra player.

Seasoned players like Sabrina, Bianca and Leyla did not let this setback jeopardise their chance at winning the trophy. They were completely focused and gave their all in the match.

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Supergirls has many new faces and this tournament was a first for many of these girls especially the under 8 team but this did not show on the football field. Such as sisters Ruplynn and Syheer.

Like every other game, there are winners and losers. Supergirls U8 team lost towards the end by one goal during the extra four minutes match to decide the champion.

True sportsmanship was displayed when the opposing team, MKIS U11 decided to take one player out of their team even if they didn’t have to, so it would have been a fair match between these two teams, SuperGirls and MKIS.

It was a new formation by new coaches and players trying out new positions. Something that these girls had always wanted to.

Our fearless keeper, Yasmin who had held her post as a goalie for over a year proved to be a good right back defender. Her powerful kicks made sure the ball was always in Supergirl’s position.

Asheesh, who held her post as the left back defender showed maturity in her game and gave the opposing striking team a run for their money. In this tournament, she even managed to play as goalie during their final match and looked formidable in the padded keeper’s jersyey.

Ashley donned on the padded jersey and gloves as keeper for this tournament (for the first two matches). This would be her second time time playing the goalie after her initial successful debut at the JSSL Singapore International 7’s tournament.

JSSL was Supergirls first international tournament. They managed to beat the odds as the underdog of this tournament and made it all the way to the semifinals.

What she lacked in size was made up by her courage. She showed no fear in blocking powerful balls and diving in all the right directions to make sure the ball from the opponents never made it past her. 

Lakei, a petite sized midfielder who has bagged many victories as an Under 8 player was fearless playing against opponents twice her size with the Under 11 girls and went head on to seize the ball as the right midfielder. It was a strong midfield trio, with colossal Thurga and Dareena.

Thurga the box midfielder was always alert and ready to jump in to help out her fellow midfielders and strikers. She was the star of this trio and scored two goals.

Dareena the left midfielder, quick and nimble managed to score one goal during the second match.

Rania, Supergirls team captain and our star player was quick as lightening and relentless in her pursuit for the ball. She scored four goals in this tournament with some help from our new striker, balerina Kayeen.

Having won two matches which ensured victory was ours (it was a three match game), the Supergirls new coach decided to challenge these girls by taking them out of their comfort zone. Positions were swapped so each player got to play a new position, one that they have never played before. The girls rose to the challenge and proved their worth despite playing in different positions and ended the day with the champions trophy in hand.


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