Beautiful boy – David Sheff


This isn’t a typical self-help book for addicts and families dealing with addiction. It’s an honest account of a father’s journey through his son’s addiction to drug abuse.

You’d feel as though you are in David’s living room as he takes you through the ordeal he endured for almost a decade trying to heal his son. He expresses his emotions that would have you guessing what you’d do if this ever happened to me.

David first discovered of his son’s (Nic Sheff) addiction at the age of 12 but it was brushed off as nothing more than an innocent mistake due to his son’s curiosity. Time and time again, David is alerted of his son’s drug abuse but David was certain it was just a phase which all teenagers go through. After all, David himself had smoked a joint or two from university.

I personally had a lot of a-ha moments reading this book. Firstly it never occurred to me to see drug addiction or alcoholism as a disease mainly because it is self inflicted and self destructive.

Secondly it is a lonely battle as addicts and their family members fear of being shunned by the community for drug addiction only spells trouble and no one wants to have a troublemaker living in the same neighbourhood.
There is no support received unlike those with cancer or other terminal diseases and treatment centres are scarce. If treatment is found, it comes with a hefty price and an extremely low probability of success.

What makes this book compelling to me is that it’s real, talking about real problems and mistakes made. I would recommend this book to every parent and child. For parents to know what to expect and for children to know how powerfully destructive this drug abuse is to an addict.

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