Lemon on my salmon

Seafood and lemon are a match made in heaven.

I knew I could not go wrong with that combination.

Hmm, lemon and salmon,

sure sounds like a good match.

Are you kidding me, I was in heaven.

Seriously, all it took was some acidic juice (from a lemon) to turn this red/orange fillet into a gastronomical experience. But we were hungry for more and in a mood to play with our food. So lemons alone wasn’t enough to satiate me.

Dinner pockets was the theme for tonight’s  dinner. Each one of us would get to pick the flavour and choice of vegetables to go along the salmon fillet.

I cannot take credit for the recipe. I found it on my FB timeline. You know how these days there are tons of short videos on simple cooking. This was one of those and luckily it was a good one because not all turn out as shown in these videos. I have been burnt a couple of times. So fret not. I am here to help you out. If you think you have found THE recipe that will make everyone go oooooo and aaaaaaaaa, hand it over to me. I will try it, review it and share with you my success or failure. It is always a 50/50

My pocket dinner, is quite straight forward and extremely simple to prepare but these salmons are costly so it isn’t something you’d be seeing often. Yet, it was a good experiment and worth keeping for days, you really want to wow your guests for some gourmet style meal without the gourmet fuss.

pjimage 2
Individual salmon pockets

It took about 30 minutes to get these babies ready including prepping time but not the shopping etcetera, etcetera, etcetera and a further 15-18 minutes of baking at 180’Cin an preheated oven. I cannot give you the exact time because it all depends on your oven, so just keep a close eye after 15 minutes.

Each had it’s own flavour and the vegetables just gave it another dimension. Like the exploding cherry tomatoes which left a tingling sensation as the juice flowed out of its skin. The soft crunch from french beans hiding under the salmon fillet or the almost crisp cauliflower. It was hard to pick just one but a winner must be and (drumrolls please), the salmon with the lemon was the best pick, followed closely by the teriyaki and cauliflower salmon.

Simple yet satisfying meal and also a great meal for those watching their diet.

For recipes and method click here Pocket Salmon Dinner



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