BBQ chicken at its best


I am not a big fan of chicken after seeing and reading how it is so hard to find a good source that can provide humanely raised meat. Unless I am willing to go on a hunt for a good source but travelling miles, I am not willing to do. But if I do decide to get some, I would always buy free range and antibiotic free chicken. The only way of knowing is through some words on a packaging that states it so. Do I trust it 100%? Hmmm…

It’s not that I have trust issues but humanely is a very loose term. Everyone has their own way of defining it. Hence, we try to get our protein source elsewhere and chicken is usually not found on my dining table.

But when I do, I try to make the best out of it. Since I had a whole chicken and some of the less meaty parts were used to make soup, I decided to use the rest. Followed Pioneer Women’s 4th of July bbq chicken recipe but I had to tweak the recipe a lot.

Ingredients you’ll need:

thighs/drumsticks/wings (it would be better if you could stick to just one part of the chicken. Thigh or drumstick would be a good choice). Clean it and towel dry it.

For the sauce; Good BBQ sauce, an orange, squeeze out the juice and pulp, grated garlic and some ketchup.

To make this: (preheat oven to 180’C):

Start off baking the chicken pieces on an oiled baking tin, skin side down in a preheated oven for 20 minutes. On a stove heat up the sauce* until all ingredients combine well.

Remove the chicken tray, spread the sauce on the chicken, both sides and put it back in the over for another seven minutes. Take it out once more, spread more sauce, both sides and back in the oven for another seven minutes. Keep doing this until the chicken is cooked well. (Pierce the chicken and make sure there is no blood, that’s when chicken is done)

*The sauce is the star of this dish. You may spread it using a brush or just dip pieces of your chicken in your deep sauce pan. That way you can be sure every p[art is well coated and saves you so much time and energy.




Bon appetit!!

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