Supergirls at Astro Kem Bola

There was a time when Supergirls was taken for granted at tournaments. They were considered as some girls with no skills or threat. Snide remarks were heard at tournaments but all that is in the past.

Things have started to change and this male dominated contact sport is beginning to open its doors to girls. Some local all-boys teams even have girls playing for them.

All girls-football teams are scarce in this region but this has not stopped the Supergirls from progressing and playing football. Even if it means to participate in all-boys football tournaments.

What they lack in size and strength, they make up in spirit. Supergirls are ferocious on the pitch and never let anything break their spirit. They play with gusto till the end regardless of the result and always put up a good fight that give the opposing them a run for their money.

“We aim to encourage grassroots football among girls through the Supergirls. More importantly, our vision is to provide the girls with a platform for friendship, irrespective of race, creed and ability, for with unity comes strength” Zaini Mazlan, Supergirls’ Coordinator.

Astro Kem Bola 2016

Seven Supergirls moved on to Phase 2 for a five-day residential Advanced Training Camp in Kuala Lumpur. They were selected out of thousands of young footballers (10 to 12 years) during a nationwide search by Astro Kem Bola 2016.

(far left) 1.Thurga, 2.Lakei, Rania, 3.Yasmin, 4.Asheesh, 5.Kanchen, 6.Ashley (far right)

Astro Kem Bola is organised by Astro Kasih, the corporate social responsibility arm of Malaysia-based integrated consumer media entertainment group Astro, and 1MCC Sports Sdn Bhd.

They are among the 72 young footballers from Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore vying for a chance of a lifetime to train with Barcelona, one of best football clubs in the world. At the camp, they will undergo intensive football drills, focusing on teamwork, positioning and strategic play as well as various classroom activities on health and nutrition.

Off-field training / photo Astro Kasih

“Even the exposure of training with these Barca coaches for five days is good enough for me and my girls. I’m not sure about them making the cut and the trip to Barcelona, but I’m sure they can take this experience very far in life.”  Jagdesh Singh (Supergirls Coach) quoted to Asia Samachar.


7. Syarah (second from right)

Last year (2015), Supergirl’s team captain Rania made it to Phase 3 along with 31 other players who spent 10 days at a European football club in West Ham.

This year, Phase 3 will see the best 32 young footballers (16 boys and 16 girls), sent for a 10-day Overseas Training Programme in Barcelona.

The Supergirls is the first Malaysian grassroots all-girls football team between the ages of 6 to 12 years old. It was conceptualised in 2014 and it’s first training was held on 18 January 2014.

To date Supergirls have over 30 girls, aged between 6 to 12 years old. Enrollment is open throughout the year and all you need to be part of the Supergirls, is  the passion to play, regardless of skills.

“While no one would join the league without a love for football, our league is actually less about football and more about growing balanced kids and healthy families. We strongly encourage all parents to attend their children’s games, support them as they play and make life-long family memories. All officials are parents and other volunteers from the community. Our core values include unity, service and family” SJCSC vision statement



Get in touch with the Supergirls via their Facebook page at Supergirls Subang Jaya Community Sports Club. Open to any girl aged 6 to 14 years old.

*Link Supergirls Facebook :

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