Every year to celebrate the school year coming to an end, teachers at my children’s school love to have a party, especially for those moving out of school or their classroom, as they move up to another level.

This year’s theme was to dress up like any cartoon character. So a cosplay was in place. I’m not much of an artistic person when it comes to such display but seeing their enthusiasm wanting to be part of it, made me excited too.

With a little planning, I’m pleased to say, we managed to pull off a more than just a decent resemblance to their choice of character.

Astrid Hofferson


A strong willed and determined character from How to train your dragon. We decided to go with her costume from the first movie, when she was much younger.



The biggest detail in her outfit was the skirt. We used crepe paper here. Looked rather nice while it was laid out on my dining table but little did we know how fragile the pointy strips would be once on her. But the axe and shield, that is something we are very proud of.

Used an old tree branch and a flat surfaced rock from my garden. With a little cloth tape and crepe paper, we managed to turn these into something resembling an axe. And for her shield, we used my stainless steel, deep heavy bottomed pot’s top cover. This saved us a lot of time because there was no need to cut out a cake board and stick a handle to it. If time permits, decorate the shield with some symbols to make it look more personal and used.

My Astrid before she got into the car

Astrid’s hair is fairly simple to do. It’s just two ponytail tied together with a piece of rag or in this case a thick woven thread around her head. You may want to google that up.

We could not find feathers to put on top of her boots, so my Astrid settled for leather boots. A tad big for her but we had no other option.

God have mercy on her feet and let the cool weather stay whilst she’s at school.

After her car journey to school 😦

An important point to note for those of you planning to attempt this: I should have used the cloth tape (the one used to make her belt), a piece of brown cloth or leather looking PVC  to make the skirts’ pointy strips instead of the brown crepe paper. This way you can be rest assured, the skirt will stay intact no matter how roughly your Astrid moves in it.

“You cannot expect me to move like a princess, all dainty, whilst dressed like Astrid”, she lashed backs at my instruction to take it easy on the skirt.


Rey  (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)


A hotheaded, bad-ass, gear-head loner. Another strong willed character became the central part in out little cosplay. My almost tween had a tough time deciding between Rey and a female footballer as her character.


This took minutes to put on. The only work required was her boots and the staff. We used an old tree branch and tapped a silver/grey cloth like tape all around it. For her boots, we used her ballet pumps and covered it with her football socks, to make it looks like she’s wearing long boots. Amazingly, she managed to pull it off rather well.

I used my pashmina scarf for the vicose used by Rey, and draped it along my daughter’s shoulders right to the front of her body. No pins were used to keep it intact, so it would give a more natural flow as she moved. And we used an arm cover for cotton drapped around Rey’s arms.

It’s the confidence that matters. You can wear whatever you like as long as you have the confidence to pull it off. I have to give her 100% for that.


Rey has triple buns (tiny ponytail loops) as part of her character costume but I wasn’t able to pull that off in 5 minutes. We were running late so my best was double buns.


You start off with a tiny ponytail right above her head. Then divide hair into two (three if you want Rey’s effect) sections. Secure with an elastic band as you would a ponytail but as you come to the end, leave your ponytail in a loop. Roll up the remainder of the hair along the elastic band and secure with pins. The triple buns are actually tiny ponytail loops. Please check YouTube tutorials on how to do this.


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