History Happens Here: Day 1 FCB Escola, Barcelona

At  the FCB Escola Soccer camp’s pitch; during their training

During my sporting days; I was a runner and played netball for school which pretty much up sums up the extent of my athleticism, but I always complained of the heat.

It took too much energy off me when I was training or during actual competitions because I would be drenched by the end of it. Feeling completely exhausted and burnt all over which was just the right recipe for me to complain and bitch, and cry and kick.

Sunblock wasn’t a thing back then and non existence for a suburban girl like me.

On one misty morning, many moons ago, I noticed an improvement in my athletic skills. A much better performance than my usual attempts at  a cross country run because on that particular day, the sun was hidden behind thick dense clouds and the air was fresh. Felt like I was running under a perpetual soft rain fall, that kept my body temperature cool.

I managed to secure the second spot, just seconds after the victor. Immediately a judgement was passed; that people from cold country were so lucky because they didn’t have to suffer running under humid hot weather like mine, and perhaps that was the reason most of the fastest runners were from that part of the world (then).

That was the extent of my sporting knowledge, limited to my locality and experience.

At Camp Nou: History Happens Here

But listening to my daughter sharing on about the experiences she’s gaining while at a football training camp in Barcelona was so insightful.
“It’s so painful and hard to breathe, ma”. I constantly feel like there is something stuck in my throat and I have to cough it out to clear it so the air can travel to my lungs”, she complained during my most recent Skype conversation with her and her friend; who usually joins in this Skype conversations, nodding excitedly at their recent experience.


It’s true what the Barca coaches said on the first day of The Advance Training Camp in KL, that he isn’t looking for the Messi. It takes more than just talent to make it this far.


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