Just do it.

For the longest time, I believed I had amounted to nothing. That I was nothing but just a mother and a housewife. My daily routine, as exhausting as it is, was beginning to gnaw at me. Whispering at me, “I’m useless.”I had reached a point where I no longer believed in myself. I had turned into the awkward kid that stood at a corner, trying to blend in with the furniture. I watched and listened.If I spoke, it’s usually almost inaudible and people quickly moved on to another.That was never me. I was a chatter box. Always with something clever on my mind to eradicate the uncomfortable silence.After kids, my views changed. My ideas and interest went through an overhaul. Not many in my circle were thrilled to listen to it though. So I got comfortable staying home. It was a better deal than having empty banter.What’s better way to stay connected but still be in your pyjama and in the comfort of your home? The internet of course!I’ve got to give myself more credit. I got to start believing in myself again. How else can to explain my recent trip Jaipur and today to France.I’ve got to stop second guessing every bloody thing I do and not do it because I didn’t have the guts.

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