Turkish coffee

Don’t ask me why but I’ve always had this fascination to taste coffees from around the world. I’m no coffee sommelier and don’t have an in-depth knowledge about it but probably runs in my veins.

I’ve been chasing Turkish coffee for the longest time and the way its prepared, is an art. So when I landed at Istanbul airport, I simply had to satisfy my curiosity.

I enquired for a traditionally prepared Turkish coffee. Instead I got a young hasty barrister who just wanted to be done with my order.

“Any sugar?” she asked and looked at me a little longer than necessary when I said no.

Finally, in a tiny paper cup was my overly priced coffee. It was a huge let down. It felt like I was drinking burnt ash water. Probably because I didn’t have any looqum or sugar with it but I’m glad I got that striked out of my list.

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