Anyone can cook


That’s my motto. And if I can cook, then trust me when I say ‘Anyone can cook’

Most of my recipes are simple, quick and easy. If it takes more than half hour, I usually will not bother with it, unless it’s for a special occasion or by request. Food is fuel and if making it will take longer than finishing it, then that’s a lot of time wasted.

I use minimal ingredients, easy to find and affordable stuff. Having said that, it does not mean I shy away from expensive ingredients. Those would be saved for special occasions.

I hope you will enjoy my recipes. Most are kids friendly because my little mini-mes are my inspiration to cook. If it wasn’t for them, I would have been contended with peanut butter and honey sandwiches for the rest of my life. Ok, I’m exaggerating, perhaps some Cheerios and of course, loads of, I mean A LOT of eggs!

So stay tuned. I’ll share some recipes, #FoodieFriday.

Do check out my previous recipe page. I have written a number of recipes for Philips upon request by them.

A Cuppa for my Thoughts

Beeraycoffeethoughts (recipe page)

Recipes featured here were made and reviewed by my family; my young toddler, tweens and adults. I’m not the originator of all recipes here but were tweaked from the tons of recipes available on the net. Why bother making one up from scratch when you can perfect the ones available and suit it to your taste and budget. It’s not plagiarism.

. All opinions shared are mine and mine alone. Hope you would be inspired to make some of these as they have inspired me.

Most recipes were made with these common challenges in mind,
  • it should be quick and easy
  • it should be made with readily available ingredients
  • it should be good for the whole family; toddlers, tweens, teens and adults
  • it’s for busy moms, dads and anyone that enjoys preparing their own meal
  • it usually doesn’t require any fancy kitchen gadget, though they can be useful

Recipes to date:

I’ve compiled in the list below, recipes available on this blog for easy reference. See, that’s how much I love having you here. So stick around
  1. Coconut milk baked chicken
  2. 3 Ingredients Juciy Chicken Roast
  3. Fluffy American style pancake
  4. Mini mushroom pizza
  5. Coconut milk sausage curry
  6. BBQ chicken at its best
  7. Easy butter lemon prawns
  8. Pocket salmon dinners
  9. Lemon on my salmon
  10. Easy clam spaghetti
  11. Fried yellow noodles Asian style using spaghetti
  12. Smoked salmon baked potatoes
  13. One pot open lasagne (seafood)
  14. Japanese food at home
  15. Easy lasagne can be frozen


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