“Mama, will you always be with us?” asked my five year old in her sleep.


I’ll be here for you as long as always is by my side.


I’ll hug you and tickle you to bed for as long as I can.


I’d kiss you and let you sleep on my extended left arm; your favourite position, for as long as it takes for you to fall asleep.


I’d get you ready for school the way you like it; whilst still in bed, under the warm cosy blanket and your arms wrapped around my neck.


I’d spoil you as much as I can but say my piece when I have to.

I promise to do it always as long as always is with us.

The price for a piece of paper

High heels, skirt suit, high rise apartment,

university freshmen dreams.

Loans, bills, car mortgage payments,

graduates certainty.

Dirty diapers, stains,

mother’s real world.




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 First attempt at writing a nonnet (poetry)

Just a little bit of water


“This is an out of body experience. Your car is at bottom of the river. It was foolish to drive over the shallow flooded bridge. There is no point crying over it now. It’s time to let go.” said the Death Messenger.

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