It’s hard to find good scones. I don’t like them if they’re overly crumbly or too dense.

Scones must be buttery, slightly salty and not too sweet, so they’d taste really good when you pair them with some sweet strawberry jam and cream.

Scones are a combination of biscuits and cake. Crumbly yet soft. Crispy yet moist.

After a couple of failed attempts, I think I have finally found a recipe that churns good scones. This original recipe is from Jamie Oliver

Don’t these look luscious? These were made by my tween. Easy to make and taste good too.


  • 150gm mixed fruits and peel.
  • 500gm self rising flour, sifted
  • 150gm cold unsalted butter, cut into cubes
  • 2 teaspoon of sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • A pinch of salt
  • Some milk (about 1/2cup)
  • Some orange juice (about 1/4 cup)


Soak the fruits in some orange juice (1/2 hour) to hydrate the fruits.

Start by combining all the dry ingredients. Add the butter and gently crumble the butter into flour. Its ok if you find some pieces of butter. DO NOT to overwork the dough.

Squeeze out the juice from the fruits and throw it into the flour. Slowly add milk to combine the flour. Do not knead the dough. Just press it with both your hands to form into a ball. You’ll find some dry flour, that’s fine. Just leave it. Cover dough with cling wrap and chill for 30 minutes or more. (Mine stayed in the fridge for almost an hour because my kids got sidetracked by some TV series.

Preheat oven to 180’C. Roll out dough into 3cm thickness. Find a round cookie cutter and cut out as many as you can. Arrange these onto a greased baking pan. Brush it with some beaten egg and bake it for 15 minutes or until it doubles in size and turns golden brown. Your house will start smelling like scones. That’s a good cue to remove it from the oven.

Quickly transfer these onto a cake rack and let them cool before putting it in an airtight container.

Best served, slightly toasted and with jam and cream.

For more recipes, check out Anyone Can Cook

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History Happens Here: Day 1 FCB Escola, Barcelona

At  the FCB Escola Soccer camp’s pitch; during their training

During my sporting days; I was a runner and played netball for school which pretty much up sums up the extent of my athleticism, but I always complained of the heat.

It took too much energy off me when I was training or during actual competitions because I would be drenched by the end of it. Feeling completely exhausted and burnt all over which was just the right recipe for me to complain and bitch, and cry and kick.

Sunblock wasn’t a thing back then and non existence for a suburban girl like me.

On one misty morning, many moons ago, I noticed an improvement in my athletic skills. A much better performance than my usual attempts at  a cross country run because on that particular day, the sun was hidden behind thick dense clouds and the air was fresh. Felt like I was running under a perpetual soft rain fall, that kept my body temperature cool.

I managed to secure the second spot, just seconds after the victor. Immediately a judgement was passed; that people from cold country were so lucky because they didn’t have to suffer running under humid hot weather like mine, and perhaps that was the reason most of the fastest runners were from that part of the world (then).

That was the extent of my sporting knowledge, limited to my locality and experience.

At Camp Nou: History Happens Here

But listening to my daughter sharing on about the experiences she’s gaining while at a football training camp in Barcelona was so insightful.
“It’s so painful and hard to breathe, ma”. I constantly feel like there is something stuck in my throat and I have to cough it out to clear it so the air can travel to my lungs”, she complained during my most recent Skype conversation with her and her friend; who usually joins in this Skype conversations, nodding excitedly at their recent experience.


It’s true what the Barca coaches said on the first day of The Advance Training Camp in KL, that he isn’t looking for the Messi. It takes more than just talent to make it this far.


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Every year to celebrate the school year coming to an end, teachers at my children’s school love to have a party, especially for those moving out of school or their classroom, as they move up to another level.

This year’s theme was to dress up like any cartoon character. So a cosplay was in place. I’m not much of an artistic person when it comes to such display but seeing their enthusiasm wanting to be part of it, made me excited too.

With a little planning, I’m pleased to say, we managed to pull off a more than just a decent resemblance to their choice of character.

Astrid Hofferson


A strong willed and determined character from How to train your dragon. We decided to go with her costume from the first movie, when she was much younger.



The biggest detail in her outfit was the skirt. We used crepe paper here. Looked rather nice while it was laid out on my dining table but little did we know how fragile the pointy strips would be once on her. But the axe and shield, that is something we are very proud of.

Used an old tree branch and a flat surfaced rock from my garden. With a little cloth tape and crepe paper, we managed to turn these into something resembling an axe. And for her shield, we used my stainless steel, deep heavy bottomed pot’s top cover. This saved us a lot of time because there was no need to cut out a cake board and stick a handle to it. If time permits, decorate the shield with some symbols to make it look more personal and used.

My Astrid before she got into the car

Astrid’s hair is fairly simple to do. It’s just two ponytail tied together with a piece of rag or in this case a thick woven thread around her head. You may want to google that up.

We could not find feathers to put on top of her boots, so my Astrid settled for leather boots. A tad big for her but we had no other option.

God have mercy on her feet and let the cool weather stay whilst she’s at school.

After her car journey to school 😦

An important point to note for those of you planning to attempt this: I should have used the cloth tape (the one used to make her belt), a piece of brown cloth or leather looking PVC  to make the skirts’ pointy strips instead of the brown crepe paper. This way you can be rest assured, the skirt will stay intact no matter how roughly your Astrid moves in it.

“You cannot expect me to move like a princess, all dainty, whilst dressed like Astrid”, she lashed backs at my instruction to take it easy on the skirt.


Rey  (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)


A hotheaded, bad-ass, gear-head loner. Another strong willed character became the central part in out little cosplay. My almost tween had a tough time deciding between Rey and a female footballer as her character.


This took minutes to put on. The only work required was her boots and the staff. We used an old tree branch and tapped a silver/grey cloth like tape all around it. For her boots, we used her ballet pumps and covered it with her football socks, to make it looks like she’s wearing long boots. Amazingly, she managed to pull it off rather well.

I used my pashmina scarf for the vicose used by Rey, and draped it along my daughter’s shoulders right to the front of her body. No pins were used to keep it intact, so it would give a more natural flow as she moved. And we used an arm cover for cotton drapped around Rey’s arms.

It’s the confidence that matters. You can wear whatever you like as long as you have the confidence to pull it off. I have to give her 100% for that.


Rey has triple buns (tiny ponytail loops) as part of her character costume but I wasn’t able to pull that off in 5 minutes. We were running late so my best was double buns.


You start off with a tiny ponytail right above her head. Then divide hair into two (three if you want Rey’s effect) sections. Secure with an elastic band as you would a ponytail but as you come to the end, leave your ponytail in a loop. Roll up the remainder of the hair along the elastic band and secure with pins. The triple buns are actually tiny ponytail loops. Please check YouTube tutorials on how to do this.


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Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake

Ice-cream Tiramisu cake

I’m a sucker for cookies, cake, coffee and ice cream, and I love when I can combine all these ingredients and turn it into a cold coffee ice cream float. Really yummy but just too much work for something I can finish at one go (gluttony at its best). Who has time to first brew coffee, then allow it to cool before freezing it and then blend the whole concoction up? Being a mom, time is scarce, so this is kept for special occasions.

There are just a handful of sweet things I crave and most of it, you guessed it, must have some coffee in it.

Tiramisu is one of my favourite cakes. The layers of luscious smooth cream with the aromatic espresso soaked sponge fingers and just the faintest hint of the heat from liquor. I could eat a whole cake, over the course of four days. C’mon, you thought I could eat it at one go? That’s crazy.

For my husband’s birthday, I decided to bake, hmm perhaps the right term should be make since no baking is required, a tiramisu cake. Even though he isn’t fond of Tiramisu, I went ahead with it because it had all the ingredient I loved

The recipe calls for mascarpone cheese which is a rich, velvety smooth cream and quite pricey. This is one recipe in which you cannot substitute the cheese with another (cream cheese or ricotta). Some recipes allows for this substitution but the end result, though it may look like Tiramisu, will not taste like it at all. So if you cannot get your hands on good grade mascarpone cheese, I suggest you drop the idea of making it.

Most recipes call for the same ingredients so you can pretty much pick any recipe from the world wide web because there isn’t much changes you can do to the original recipe. But how you make it, can differ.

Generally there are two ways of making Tiramisu. The simplest way requires no cooking at all. It’s entirely raw but since tiramisu has eggs in it and I wanted to turn it into an ice cream, I decided to go with the next option, where a little cooking is required. Plus, I wasn’t entirely sure how fresh my eggs were. So to be safe, let’s go with option two, with a little cooking involved.


2 teaspoon coffee* dissolved in 1/2 cup hot water, let it cool

6 egg yolk

1 cup sugar*

250gm mascarpone cheese

1 1/2 cup heavy cream ( I used whipping cream)*

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 boxes lady fingers

Some cocoa powder (look for unsweetened)

Tiramisu cake after sitting for 8 hours in refrigerator.

You start by bringing everything (except for the cream) out of your refrigerator so that it will come to room temperature by the time you are ready to whip up the cheese and putting a large clean stainless steel bowl into the fridge.

Start with the coffee if you are using instant coffee but freshly brewed espresso is always the best and let it cool. *Somehow coffee has a bitter taste but this time you are allowed to substitute coffee for espresso as the difference isn’t noticeable.

Next, prepare a bubble bath for the egg yolks and sugar *(you can use granulated sugar or fine for this recipe because it will dissolve in heat). You have turn these two ingredients into a velvety ribbon like, light yellowish custard. Start with boiling some water in a pot and cover that pot with bowl. Bring down the heat to a simmer and add the egg yolks into this bowl. Whisk it to combine and slowly add in sugar. This is the hardest part, you have to keep whisking it. You cannot leave it alone, not even for a second. This could take anywhere between 5 minutes to 10. Just keep at it and you will end up with a rich beautiful custard. If the mixture thickens too much, once the sugar has dissolved into finer grains, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of milk ad keep whisking it. You know you are done, once you have reached a smooth, runny texture and put it aside to cool. It is fine if all the sugar has not dissolved because it will as you put it aside while you work on whipping cheese and cream. You may want to transfer this custard into a larger bowl that can hold mascarpone cheese and whipped cream.

Take out the cream and pour it into the cooled bowl. Whip this until you reach stiff peaks. If you don’t own an electrical whip, this can take a while, a long long while. Almost 20 minutes. Look at it as a good arm workout before you indulge and pack back all the calories your burned.

By the time you get to the mascarpone cheese, it would have reached room temperature and ready to be added into the rest of the ingredients. Run a fork into the cheese to make sure there are no large lumps before adding it to the cooled egg yolk and sugar mixture (I’ll refer to this as custard). Mix to combine the cheese and the custard. Once well combined, slowly add the whipped cream. Gently fold in the whipped cream into the custard and cheese mixture. Don’t overmix it as you don’t want to lose all air that you so painfully incorporated into the cream while whipping it. Use the folding technique; check out youtube videos on how to fold whipped cream.

Phew! Finally we reach the last stage. The assembling stage like we do for lasagne.

Start by dipping (really quickly) the sponge fingers into the cooled coffee and arranging it in your tray or glass serving dish. Make sure to neatly and tightly pack these fingers. Once you have fully covered the bottom of you dish with fingers, scoop in the cheese mixture on it. Use half of the content in the bowl. Repeat with the sponge fingers, followed by the remaining cheese mixture. Usually many would dust cocoa powder on the assembled Tiramisu before putting it in the fridge for at least 8 hours but I didn’t.

I cling wrapped my Tiramisu and left it in the fridge for 8 hours. Take it out and enjoy a slice or two. I found it a little too sweet for my liking so i decided to turn it into an ice cream by  adding two layers of foil onto the existing cling wrap and transferring this cake to the freezer.

The beauty of this, you can keep for a couple of months and cut out a slice whenever you feel like it. You cannot completely thaw this. It will turn mushy. The best way to enjoy a piece is by taking out of the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes, this will allow the cream to softened a little so it will be easier to cut out a slice. Dust some cocoa powder and enjoy a cold slice of ice cream cream. BY the time you are ready to enjoy this cake, it would have softened but still remain cold and it would not be too sweet. Something about turning it into an ice cream, magically cuts out the sweetness of the cake.


If you like to play with your food like I, take out a third of the cheese mixture and use it to make Green Tiramisu cake. It’s not like the original coffee Tiramisu but why not?

To make this, you swap the coffee to green tea. Dip the sponge fingers into the cooled green tea, arrange them neatly and pour all the cheese mixture on the sponge fingerts. Refrigerate for 8 hours and enjoy. Cut a slice and dust it with Matcha powder.

Matcha green tea Tiramisu cake


Bon appetit!!

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A lot of meat


Chicken, is the cheapest (after tofu) source of protein. It’s available throughout the year and you can get it from almost any place. However, if you are skeptical with the quality of meat available, like me, then you will need to work a little harder on it.

We stopped consuming chicken when some videos went viral showing how inhumanely poulterers reared chicken and about antibiotic being injected into them. We did not become vegetarian, we just decided to get our protein source from fish.

Then the fish industry was under fire because of lead pollution in rivers, contaminating every living thing in it. More bad news, even the vegetables were not spared; strong pesticides and a lot of GMO products.

I wish I could survive without food but we know that isn’t possible, well not for me at least. Though I have seen a couple who have not eaten proper meal for over a year and are still surviving. I love food too much to give it up. I am never, ever, giving up on eating.

After finding a good source of chicken meat, I have slowly introduced chicken into my meals I started off with soups and broths. Then slowly we moved on to consuming a whole chicken, every part of, almost every part.

Today’s recipe was inspired by the man who made me fall in love with cooking, my Naked Chef. No, he didn’t cook naked, though I don’t think I would have minded it. It was his food, everything was fresh, simple and easy to get. He’s quite famous you know. You should know him. C’mon! I know you know him

But I was out of ingredients (I’ve been to busy with my girls football that I could not find time to go grocery shopping). Searched my fridge and googled for a recipe that called for the ingredients I had at hand and the result was, way better than expected.

Simplicity. I always do well when I keep it simple.

So let me introduce you to my cast members aka the ingredients;

Free-range chicken, 3 BIG tablespoon butter & lemon



To make this; start off by cleaning and patting dry your chicken. Make sure to let it sit in room temperature for 30 minutes before you start slathering it with the ingredients. Preheat the oven to 200’C.

Don’t skimp on the butter. This is one dish where the more butter the better result. Just DO IT!

Break up the butter, zest the lemon rind into the butter, season it with salt and pepper. Mix everything up


Give the chicken a good massage. Let it chillax and don’t forget to tickle under its wings  and thighs. You want butter at every nook and crane. Even the inside of the chicken.

Squeeze the juice of two lemons, yes seriously, and stuff the the lemon into the chicken cavity. Push it deep inside. Prick holes on the third lemon and stuff that whole lemon in too. If you have some fresh herbs, which I did not, stuff some fresh rosemary in it as well.

Reduce the heat to 175’C and let it bake for 1 hour 15 minutes. Bake breast side up and half way through, baste the chicken with the juice and turn the chicken. This extra step is not necessary but I like my roast to be golden with crisp skin all over.

Once done, foil the chicken and let it cool before you attempt carving it. I’m not particularly good at it but I am rather satisfied with my result. Start by removing the thighs legs, you can easily break loose once the chicken is cooked well. Then break free the wings. Now you may start by slicing the breasts and work you way until you reach the middle. Nothing beats using your hands removing the meat from the bones. Don’t throw the bones away because they make a good broth.

Not to bad, right?

A lot of butter it never wrong. Use the remainder (if any) for roasting vegetables. I have a big oven so I like to bake as many things as I possible can each time I crank up my oven.


The butter is also good for seafood. Remember, lemon on my salmon?

Chop up some portobello mushrooms and season it with salt & pepper and some dried herbs. Rub the butter on some prawns and throw them on top of the mushrooms. Throw in a couple of garlic cloves too. Bake this at 175’C for 20-25 minutes or until the prawns are pink.


The roasted bones make for a good broth. For lunch, next day, I made some simple broth using the carcass, potatoes, wolf berries and mushrooms. You can any vegetables you like or don’t use any, would be fine too. Here I am using rice noodles, season with a little light soya sauce, salt and pepper. Topped it up with Shitake mushroom and shredded chicken from my roast.


Bon appetit!!

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Bahadur translates to Brave. That’s what we call our pet dog. He has been with us for over 4 years. He was just a little pup, over 3 weeks old when we rescued him.

Today, he rescued us after ferociously fighting with a cobra. For an hour he kept the snake from entering the house or leaving the car porch. Most cobras are shy and would usually run and hide when people are around but not this slithering reptile.

It just stood there, holding its ground with its expanded hood, hissing each time Bahadur got close.

It was the longest hour waiting for the animal control to arrive. We didn’t want the snake dead nor did we want it to slither away to another compound. We were lucky we had Bahadur who alerted us of its presence but not everyone in my neighbourhood have pet dogs.

Things were quite calm for the first hour because the cobra seemed quite contended with its hiding place, under my car. We managed to convince Bahadur to enter the house for some water.

As Bahadur let down his guard, the snake too relaxed and closed its extended hood. It lay flat on the ground for 10 minutes. But soon it was moving again, slithering towards to my neighbour’s compound. As soon as it moved, Bahadur jumped out of my embrace and pounced on it. That’s when things got really dramatic.

It was no longer like a territorial fight but a battle of life and death. By this time, I could no longer wait for the animal control to come and rescue it, I was worried for Bahadur’s safety. I begged him to let the snake go, because it was ready to leave but nothing I said was getting through to him.

The hissing, growling and barking kept getting louder. Soon my wailing toddler and my husband stepping out, just added more fear to my nerves. I was scared for both for my husband and Bahadur. I didn’t know why my husband went out. He was either trying to get Bahadur to come in or he was nuts trying to help Bahadur get that snake while Bahadur was trying to harm the snake and the snake (petrified I’m sure) was ready to strike anything to save its skin.

This went on for just a couple of minutes but it seemed like lifetime to me. I stepped out to do something, I was compelled to do something but I didn’t know what. “If you want to do something, you could take a video of Bahadur fighting it” my husband said to me calmly. I wasn’t calm the least bit but I did as he said.

Only after Bahadur managed to grab the cobra by its tail and flung it over my gate did I calm down. It was a sight to behold. He was like a lion, on his hind legs when he flung the cobra over. He was as quick as lightening and the cobra didn’t get a chance to sting him with its venomous bite.

“Did you see that?! Thank god you recorded it” he cheered as he grabbed his handphone from me. Little did we know then, in that moment of frantic I was too panicky and had forgotten to swipe to record mode. So it was lots of blurry pictures of Bahadur and my garden.

Now we had an injured cobra hiding in my flower pot, right outside my house. All I wanted to do was run into my house and lock all doors and windows. Instead I was put in charge of guarding it because the animal control wanted to capture it. I adhered because I knew they were just minutes way from my house and also I was worried it might return to seek vengeance on Bahadur. (do animals even do that?)

Amazingly, the cobra didn’t move much, it just kept its head under a large leaf but the rest of its black shining body sticked out like a sore thumb against my green plant. It was such a relief to see the animal control over and taking control of the situation. They were rather disappointed to see that it was just a baby cobra. I guess I might have exaggerated some details in my frantic call to them. You can’t blame me, I’m a mother and I would do anything it takes to care for my babies.

Now Bahadur has become my kids personal guard. They take him everywhere to sniff out any lurking dangers. He doesn’t looked amused at all but I know, he loves the girls and doesn’t mind it. At least he gets the bonus of watching the tele with them.

My brave Bahadur. I’m so glad we picked the right name for you. Who would have thought this little fuzzy fur ball would have one day turn into a ferocious lion.


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Mini mushroom pizza

Mini mushroom pizza
Mini mushroom pizza

Just the mere mention of pizza in my house, lights up the kids mood. It’s not the crust they love or the vegetables that go on the pizza dough but it is the dang cheese. They are so in love with cheese. Give them any kind of hard cheese (except for brie or the smelly blue cheese) and they will love you for it.

When at a supermarket, most meltdown with kids usually happens at the candy aisle but my struggle is at the cheese section. Especially with the little one who has a mild lactose intolerance. Over at this side of the world, these speciality cheese comes with a hefty price, almost RM35-RM40 for a 200gm block of matured and flavoured cheese, and one block is never enough.

So with my shopping cart filled with blocks of different types of cheese, pizza was definitely on the menu.

Since we had been extremely busy with their football tournaments over the last couple of weeks and had been eating out, I had to make sure they get their dosage of fruits and vegetables. So, I decided to omit the pizza dough from tonight’s dinner menu.


To make these mini pizza;

5 large sized portobello mushrooms, stems removed

1-2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

10 halved cherry tomatoes

1 large onion, chopped fine

3 garlic cloves, minced

1/3 cup of oilve oil

1 teaspoon Italian herbs, lemon & pepper

salt to taste


To make these;

Preheat the oven 200’C. In a bowl mix the herbs, salt and pepper with oil. Using a spoon remove the stem (and gill to get a deeper space for your toppings but I didn’t bother with it) Brush oil on the mushroom’s cap and back. Sprinkle some onions and garlic on the mushroom and as many pieces of tomatoes you like. Make sure the tomatoes are well spread out. Then sprinkle some cheese. OK,  A  L O T of cheese, be very generous with it. You want your pizza to be oozing with the gooey mozzarella cheese, every bite. Kids simply love playing whose bite gets the longer string.

Carefully transfer these on a rack and make sure you have a tray underneath it to capture all the juice from the mushrooms while baking. You may bake these mushrooms in a plate but it will have a soggy bottom, like shown in the picture below. It doesn’t affect the taste but you won’t get a crusty, pizza dough like effect.


Bon appetit!!

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Easy peasy buttery lemon prawns

What quenches your thirst on a hot summers day?

A tall chilled glass of lemon of course.

Utterly buttery garlic & turmeric prawns

You might notice a trend here. I have been using a lot of turmeric and lemon lately but who can blame me. These two can really add a punch to your meal, be it a main course, appetizer, dessert or even a drink. It adds a deep colour and aroma to your food.

Today’s meal, garlic butter and lemon prawns are a keeper because of its secret ingredient, fresh turmeric root. Some call this plant a super plant because of its numerous benefits. Turmeric plant has a warm bitter taste and is widely used in Asian food and to make medicine. It has an anti-inflammatory agent that can treat a wide variety of conditions, from skin, joint pain to gut and bowel problems.

But I use it because this little plant can transform any anemic looking food into a vibrant golden appetising meal.

Ingredients you’ll need:

1 kg of fresh prawns, shell and vein removed but with tails intact

1/2 cup butter

1/4 cup oil

3 garlic cloves, grated

1″ inch thumb size turmeric plant, grated

a big bunch of fresh parsley, chopped

Some lemon or lime slices to put on the prawns

salt and pepper to season

To make this: (preheat oven to 175’C):

Clean, and dry the prawns. Arrange neatly in a ovenproof dish and sprinkle with some salt and pepper (just a dash)*

In a pot, heat up the butter and oil. Add the turmeric and garlic and let it cook on low heat for a minute. Pour this over the prawns and transfer to oven. Bake it for 10-15 minutes or until the prawns turn pinkish red. Remove from oven and sprinkle with the parley (you can swap it for dried parsley in case you don’t have any fresh ones)

*if you plan to make this ahead of time, seal the prawns and refrigerate it. Sauce should be only when you are ready to cook it.

Serve it with white rice or home made bread because the juice makes a good dipping sauce for the bread to soak up.

For the health conscious people, you could make a salad out of it. Grab a big bowl of fresh salad leaves, pick as many prawns as you like and drizzle with just a tablespoon of the juice on your leaves. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, it is delicious!

Over a fresh bed of salad leaves and you’ll have a healthy and scrumptious meal.

Bon appetit!!

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It beckons me


There is nothing greater than a breathing you,

able to watch the sun open up its arms to greet you.

Even when all you want is to crawl back in bed,

it still find a way to sneak up on you.

Screaming with its blinding flashes,

“being alive is the greatest gift!”

So be the best you.


The day you realise you are just a speck of dust,

is the day you would start living your life


Life in the fast lane,

blinds me from seeing the beauty around I.

Slow down mummy, you always say,

a moment gone, is lost forever.


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Pocket salmon dinner

The beauty of this dinner is that it can be made to suit individual taste and a great way to get the kids involved in preparing dinner. Each child made her own pocket dinner and picked one or two vegetables. That was the catch, they had to add some vegetables in it.

You may want to read this post before attempting this recipe. Just click on the link here Lemon on my Salmon.

  • Lemon, onion rings and french beans. To make this is you’ll need olive oil, lemon slices, onion rings, a bunch of french beans, some rosemary and salt & pepper to taste. On a parchment paper, lay the french beans and drizzle some oil and  season with salt & pepper. Put the fillet on top of the beans and top it up with lemon, onion rings, rosemary and more olive oil and sprinkle some salt & pepper if you like. Fold the paper and crunch all corners making sure no gap for steam or liquid to slip out. I used some staples to secure it. Bake in a preheated oven 180.C for 15-18 minutes or until fish is flaky.


  • Cauliflower and carrots with teriyaki sauce. Since teriyaki sauce is bursting with flavour, you should avoid seasoning the fish. But you will have to season the vegetables well with lots of salt and pepper and don’t forget to drizzle some olive oil on it too. To make this, start with the vegetables on a parchment paper, drizzle some oil and salt & pepper. Then put the fillet on top of it and spread two tablespoon of teriyaki sauce. I used garlic infused teriyaki sauce to give it some heat since I did not add pepper on the fish. Fold the paper and crunch all corners making sure no gap for steam or liquid to slip out. Secure it with staples if you have to. Bake in a preheated oven 180.C for 15-18 minutes or until fish is flaky.


  • Cherry tomatoes, french beans (asparagus would have been a lovely) and pesto. My daughter loves pesto. She makes cheese and pesto toast for breakfast, pesto spaghetti or just pesto on a slice of bread. So pesto had to on her menu. You can make your own pesto but I don’t bother since I have got a huge supply of pesto is jars. We buy whenever they are on sale or nearing expiry date. A few weeks old, won’t kill anybody. Start off with seasoning the beans well with salt & pepper, and lightly drizzle with some olive oil. Put the fillet on top of the beans and spread 2 heaping tablespoons of pesto sauce. Top that up with some halved cherry tomatoes.Once again, fold and crunch all corners making sure no gap for steam or liquid to slip out. Staple it if you are not confident with your crunching technique. Bake in a preheated oven 180.C for 15-18 minutes or until fish is flaky.


  • Potatoes, garlic and butter salmon with some fresh lemon thyme. Sounds really simple but the bed of potatoes under the salmon fillet was a wonderful reminder to mashed potatoes. Loved the softness of the potatoes against the flaky salmon, paired with garlic butter, I could have had another portion. But to be fair, I love potatoes. So my heart sings to this meal.To make this is you’ll need a large potato, sliced, 2 to 3 tablespoon of butter (weight watchers, look away) and a clove of minced garlic (please don’t replace this with your store bought garlic spread, it won’t be the same). Melt the butter and add garlic to it. Let it cool a little. On a piece of parchment paper, lay the potatoes, season well with salt & pepper and drizzle half the butter on it. Gently stack the fillet on the bed and repeat the seasoning, finishing off with the lemon thyme. Fold the paper and crunch all corners making sure no gap for steam or liquid to slip out. Secure, secure, secure it or you’ll regret it. Bake in a preheated oven 180.C for 15-18 minutes or until fish is flaky and potatoes are done.


Hope you will enjoy making and eating this as much as we did. It’s a fun way to get the whole family involved in cooking where the kids gets to see what happens to their choice of vegetables and seasoning transform to what they see on their dinner plate. Do share your experience with us.

Bon appetit!!

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