Part of life

Boat on land (by Malicia)

Menopause is a horrible reminder of a bumpy ride and waterless boat ride.

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The price for a piece of paper

High heels, skirt suit, high rise apartment,

university freshmen dreams.

Loans, bills, car mortgage payments,

graduates certainty.

Dirty diapers, stains,

mother’s real world.




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 First attempt at writing a nonnet (poetry)

It beckons me


There is nothing greater than a breathing you,

able to watch the sun open up its arms to greet you.

Even when all you want is to crawl back in bed,

it still find a way to sneak up on you.

Screaming with its blinding flashes,

“being alive is the greatest gift!”

So be the best you.


The day you realise you are just a speck of dust,

is the day you would start living your life


Life in the fast lane,

blinds me from seeing the beauty around I.

Slow down mummy, you always say,

a moment gone, is lost forever.


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Dining beneath stars


Stone covered hall,  with cathedral ceiling and oversized arched door.

Its newly varnished maple wood table, crystal wine glasses and star like chandelier.

All a reminiscent of a castle or old church nonetheless.

It is all part of a grand lavish semblance,

so even the mediocre served here would be deemed supreme.


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Just a little bit of water


“This is an out of body experience. Your car is at bottom of the river. It was foolish to drive over the shallow flooded bridge. There is no point crying over it now. It’s time to let go.” said the Death Messenger.

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Opposites attracts


If you’re my tragedy,

then why are you my remedy?

If you’re my insanity,

then why are you my clarity?

If you’re my enemy,

then why are you my ally?

If you’re my hostility,

then why you my harmony?

If you’re my discord,

then why are you my concord?

If you’re my turbulence,

then why are you my calmness?

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