SuperGirls’ last tournament for 2015

| Football | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 29 Nov 2015 | Beeray |

IMG_0153The clouds resembled puffy cottons but they still couldn’t conceal the beautiful blue sky. The grass was wet, the air was crisp and Kelab Aman’s field was already bustling by 7.50am with eager footballers, warming up.
It was perfect for a day of football and about 27 teams of young boys and girls converged at the Kelab Aman for the Junior Football Invitational Tournament 2015.

In total, there were 6 teams in the Under 8 category, 5 teams in the U-10, 8 in the U-12 and another 8 teams in U-14. It was very well organised, considering the number of teams and children all in one venue in one day.

Organizer Davinder Singh Randhawa tells us this had originally been in a league format that lasted for months in the past. “This time we’re doing it for kids to enjoy during school holidays. All participants will be receiving a certificate and medal, so everyone returns home a victor” he tells BeeRaise.

SuperGirls bagged third place out of six teams that were playing Under Eight game. As usual, they were the only all girls team for this category. We did however witness another all girls team Under 14 category. These girls played tremendously well.

Out of five matches played, the SuperGirls won one and loss one game. They won (4-0) against Kiddo Kickers B. Loss 0-2 to KLYS B. It was draw 1-1 against KLYS A and 0-0 against FISA and Kiddo Kickers A.

With their beloved captain and star player away training at West Ham United Foundation, the girls pulled through the tournament with grit and might. Today’s match saw more SuperGirls players attempting to penetrate the opposition’s goal post. They also displayed a more matured game with better communicate on field than off field.

Today’s match marks the last match for 2015 tournament. We hope to see more new players get selected for future tournaments so we can send more than just one all girls team to represent Subang Jaya Community Sports Club (SJCSC).

Till we meet again. Bigger, bolder and better SuperGirls.

10 happy players for the Kelab Aman Junior Football Invitational Tournament 2015
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Raising quitters, I am not.

Jack of all trade, master of none

In early recording this phrase had a positive vibe to it and did not contain the second part; master of none. However over the course of time when this phrase is hurled at someone, it is usually with ill intentions.

Is it so wrong to be generalist? I would rather know a little of everything than being master of only one. Of course that would make me a specialist in that particular trade or field (like Seldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory) but I would be so handicapped in many other things (again sighting Sheldon Cooper as my example).

My children (mind you, they are not even teenagers) were given a long and laborious lecture on being quitters at their first day of piano lesson. The teacher took it upon herself to enlighten them of how their life would pan out based on the decisions made by them today.

My husband and I on the other hand want them to experience as many things as we can afford (nothing is free these days). The teacher was not wrong at stating what she did based on my children’s track record; They quit their swimming lesson, classical dance and ballet. (I stopped them from ballet because I fell pregnant and the timing wasn’t convenient for me). It was either that or a debate each time I had to drive them to their lesson.

Quitting was never an option but they were allowed to present reasons for not continuing what they started. I almost believed I was raising quitters when they told me that they’re not happy with their piona lessons as well.

To ease my doubt I could have forced them to suck it and carry on with their piona lessons but after a year of private lessons, there are no where. I am partly to be blamed because I was unable to buy them a piona to practice. Unlike a guitar or violin, piona’s cost a bomb.

But when I see their passion and interest in football, I feel relieved. That’s one lesson or activity I don’t need to nag when asking them to get ready. And it is the.most economical.

Now, I could carry on forcing them to attend piona lessons and hope they will be able to learn without practice because buying a piona has not been budgeted for. Or be smart and save my worthless cash outflow on this lesson, and believe that it doesn’t make them quitters.

I will just need to keep fuelling their passion for football because it may take just one activity, to teach them about not quitting. And keep sharing with them how their football team is making waves in major daily newspaper. Hopefully this would make them proud and stick around for as long as they can.


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Just be you, it’s brave

There are many inspiring stories of people standing up for themselves and accepting themselves the way they are even if they do not look or behave like the general public.

I’m pretty sure you must have seen the video of a lady who blindfolded herself and stood in a busy street in her inner clothes while holding a sign that spoke about her struggles with losing weight. She was brave. Brave to bear all her imperfections for people to judge her. It was a heartwarming clip.

There are many such inspiring stories out there that tells me, “so what if we are different?” As long as we are confident nothing can dim that sparkle in us and that’s what makes me I and you, you.

Why blend in when you were born to stand out?FB_IMG_1448504438003

There is a person who has inspired many I believe. I’ve known her since I was 12 but I can’t say she knew me then. I used to admire her and her distinct style.

Her beauty was internal and despite being different* she managed to capture many with her uniqueness. She was a caterpillar, waiting for the right time to turn into a magnificent and colourful butterfly. She grew more beautiful with every grey hair and wrinkle. “I feel younger now than I did years ago”, she commented on one of her pictures posted on Facebook.

If you’re not afraid of aging and embrace it, you would become more graceful and dignified.

What makes her special? I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Meet my friend Susheel (yes, we are friends now) and some of her friends who were so kind so share their pictures.10626570_815385491816616_7794549613048641266_n

12247910_10153449287598052_1347068637064628373_o_ZTB668112304124_10153442271988052_8837609451054412827_ophoto 210168180_1433067913611977_8400804967966938894_n

*Sikhs (both men and women) are encouraged not to cut or shave hair from any part of their body. Hair helps to stay grounded, be connected and aware of your surrounding. To stay in the most natural state possible.

The best way to describe the importance of hair to my children, I tell them it’s something like the Avatars (from Avatar film) who used their long ponytails like hair to connect with their surrounding.

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Who did you help today?

It’s refreshing to see more people are beginning to view education as a long term journey and not simply a race.

Aamir Khan, a famous Bollywood actor recently shared his views on education. He acknowledged that he wasn’t the best person to be giving a speech in a hall full of educators based on his credentials and background but his speech was brilliant.

He spoke about how the current education system which puts so much emphasis on being the best and the ranking system was teaching children from a very young age to be selfish.

In ranking system there can only be one student who gets to be number one in his class. So he would do everything for himself to ensure he stays number one. Because that’s what most parents ask of their child after an examination; “what number (ranking) did you get in your class?” If the response is number one then everyone is happy and children love to see their parents happy.

Another interesting fact he pointed out was the daily conversation of a child and parent. Most parents would usually ask how the child’s day was at school, ask about homework and what their child learned in school.

He suggested that we should start asking children who did they help today smiled with him today? Who did he share his food with today? And the most important question of all, is he happy.

So if every parent can start asking these questions, over time children would realise these acts of kindess are what makes their parents happy and would work hard to achieve it. After all children, especially the young ones love to see their parents laughing and happy.

They tend to repeat the act that made their parents most happy. If getting good grades or being top in their did the trick, they would try but usually end up getting stressed or worse, they’d become selfish and not guide their classmates.

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Water under the bridge

Sometimes (at most times, actually) holding a grudge can be so tiring and heavy. It’s like a rock tied to a sack that keeps pulling the sack deeper and deeper into the sea. Nothing good ever comes of it except and the sack eventually disappears, lonely and long forgotten at the bottom of the sea.

If it is lucky and manages to release itself from the rock, the sack would resurface but may not look the same. Staying buried deep in the sea would have loosened its fibers and over time some parts of the sack would have floated away.

Letting go off a grudge on the other hand is so much more relieving. The shoulder would feel lighter and carefree days are experienced. Yet, it has proved to be the harder choice.

Despite knowing the better deal, the mind wrestles with the heart, always giving into ego and pride. Isn’t the heart suppose to be the superior one? The one that decides between life and death with its every beat.

In rare occasions when revelation does happen and we decide to bury the hatchet, taking off from where we last left proves to be a challenge. Not an impossible task but a challenging one. The words forgiven and not forgotten starts chiming in. We become careful with each others word, almost like walking on thin ice, moving gently and carefully. Constantly worried of committing an error that might crumble the newly built bridge

So did we truly forgive each other when we cannot forget about the past?

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A new year, a new platform

Change is tough but change I must.
I love my old blogging platform but the time has come for some changes, mainly because my blog name A Cuppa for my thoughts has proven to be a bit of a tongue twister to many. My blog address suffers the same problems and is just too long.
So the best solution to this problem and to help you remember me easier, I have decided to rename and move to a new writing platform. I have re-branded myself and am now known as.. 
The reason I think this new name rocks is because;
  • I am Beeray or at least that’s what most of my near and dear friends call me. My given name is too long and too common so that wasn’t going to be a good substitute for my new blog. Even Beeray was taken. So with some help, I decided to stick to BeeRaise because if you say it fast enhough is sounds like Beeray’s
  • Basically BeeRaise represent Beeray(that’s me) and my thoughts……in short its Beeray’s crazy verbal diarrhea.
Sorry, I know I have used the word diarrhea twice. I sound a little cray, cray but I am not crazy. I just write crazy stuff. Stuff that comes to me in the most unexpected and inconvenient time possible.
So if you ever see me writing notes on my tissue, grocery shopping receipts or on other pieces of paper, that’s me thinking that I have gotten the next brilliant post idea that will be a sure entry for Huffington Post.
To cut to the chase, please follow me and stay tuned and please carry on reading and commenting and sharing and yada yada yada with my new website. It’s got cool new’er stuff and I promise you shan’t be disappointed.
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Love conquers all

In Malay language the youngest child is usually called anak manja although the correct term is anak bongsu. Translation of anak manja to English would be the favourite child.

Anak manja are believed to be spoilt rotten, lazy, dependent and unreliable to complete any tasks given because being the youngest in the family, they had everything handed to them. I’m speaking of families with four or more children.

I am an anak manja. I am the youngest and I have five siblings. I used to despise it when someone called me anak manja but I so fit the description.

My mom still cooks for me and my children. She keeps buying fresh vegetables and poultry for me. I can be a little unreliable for I have not picked up her vitamins which she had ordered a couple of months back. I am extremely lazy, I shan’t deny that. But today when she hurt herself and was terrified of the pain, she called me.

Guess love does conquer it all. It’s true she had spoilt me rotten with her love but she had so much confidence in that love of her. She knew I would answer her call. She was sure I would have jumped out of my lazy pants and go to her in time of need.

I suppose that is the silver lining in being anak manja. So go ahead and love your anak manja rotten. Heck, love all your kids rotten. Spoil them with love and shower them with hugs, kisses and cuddles. Make them all anak manja.


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At some point in your parenting journey, I am pretty sure you must have met the ‘go-getters’ parent. I did. I met them very much early in my parenting journey, which I am thankful for.
For I learned many things I am not supposed to do and am indebted to them for the learning opportunity.

Thanks to them I learned that money cannot buy everything. Though I would not mind having the ability to splurge on myself and my kids but it never guaranteed long term satisfaction. I learned, that year after year, they had to pump more money to keep up with their children’s demand for entertainment and education.

It was hard keeping up with the Joneses. I lacked in many areas in comparison. Unable to meet the Joneses routines slowly eroded my relationship with them. But I am glad for that because temptations were removed.

Together my kids and I learned the value of money and would usually think twice before purchasing something. A discussed was possible with them when a certain request didin’t fall through. They didn’t storm away in anger. They allowed me to explain myself.

They are sensitive towards their surrounding and are aware of the less fortunate. Not getting recognition for work done by them, does not bother them for too long.
They don’t dwell for longer than a minute when someone says they don’t like them because they are surrounded by love 24/7.

My home has not many gadgets or latest bicycles but abundance of love and laughter and parents that make sure, dinner is a family affair. Let’s hope this would be enough to make up for what I lack, in years to come.

Tired by Thursday


I have never written daily posts. I was extremely enthusiastic about my NaBloPoMo challenge and looked forward to my daily late evening dates with my laptop. Ideas kept pouring in and my fingers were working like some trained typist.

But not today. Have I fallen out of love with my laptop? I tried to spice things up by switching to a wireless keyboard and changing my usual writing spot. I even added a cup of warm malt to accompany us on this chilled night but nothing.

I have been staring at you for the past 15 minutes and all I feel like doing is switching on to a bigger screen that comes with a remote and hundreds of channels. Tonight I need someone who will do all the talking for me because I am all out of words.

Is this what you call a writer’s block or is it just because its Thursday? Do you feel this way too?

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