It beckons me


There is nothing greater than a breathing you,

able to watch the sun open up its arms to greet you.

Even when all you want is to crawl back in bed,

it still find a way to sneak up on you.

Screaming with its blinding flashes,

“being alive is the greatest gift!”

So be the best you.


The day you realise you are just a speck of dust,

is the day you would start living your life


Life in the fast lane,

blinds me from seeing the beauty around I.

Slow down mummy, you always say,

a moment gone, is lost forever.


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Tired by Thursday


I have never written daily posts. I was extremely enthusiastic about my NaBloPoMo challenge and looked forward to my daily late evening dates with my laptop. Ideas kept pouring in and my fingers were working like some trained typist.

But not today. Have I fallen out of love with my laptop? I tried to spice things up by switching to a wireless keyboard and changing my usual writing spot. I even added a cup of warm malt to accompany us on this chilled night but nothing.

I have been staring at you for the past 15 minutes and all I feel like doing is switching on to a bigger screen that comes with a remote and hundreds of channels. Tonight I need someone who will do all the talking for me because I am all out of words.

Is this what you call a writer’s block or is it just because its Thursday? Do you feel this way too?

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